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Our SEO Services is designed to grow your business with a data driven approach. We focus on the things that move the needle for you

How can we help you?

Keyword Research

We find all the right keyword for your website, then build a content strategy to drive growth throughout the customer journey

Onpage SEO

Title tag, meta descriptions? They still matter when approached from a data driven point of view. Rank every content and page

Technical SEO Strategy

Websites have technical SEO needs that Shopify can't fix. We know them and we can fix them to help Google crawl your site efficiently

Data Tracking and Analysis

Measure what matters. Then optimized for growth. Google Analytics 4 ( GA4) and Conversion Optimization

White Hat Links

Only the right links at the right moments. Get higher ranking with our strategic linkable asset guaranted to increase domain authority.

Dedicated Account Manager

Need to review, discuss or just grab a coffee? When you sign up for one of our advanced SEO package, you get your own full dedicated account manager.

VTNS Solutions’ SEO plans for small businesses include off-page, on-page, and technical SEO optimizations — and don’t require any work from you or your team.

Every small business has unique needs, and nobody knows those needs better than you.

Still, a lot of small-to-midsized businesses have a lot in common in terms of marketing goals. That’s why we offer small business SEO packages, allowing your company to choose the one that matches your goals and budget for growing your organization.


If you want a custom SEO plan for your small business, contact us online to chat with our team!

A few features of our SEO services for small businesses include:

  1. Keyword research, analysis, and optimization
  2. Server analysis and reporting
  3. Quarterly content asset links or long-form content creation
  4. Google Analytics setup, tracking, dashboard creation, and reporting
  5. Tweaks made to initial copywriting
  6. A dedicated account representative

Because every company is different, VTNS Solutions has a number of advanced SEO features designed to boost your business far above your competitors.

These strategies aren’t always needed for businesses like yours, but they give your website extra ranking power that your competitors probably won’t have.

With that in mind, advanced SEO services can do wonders for a small business, especially in highly competitive industries like e-commerce.

Our more advanced services include deliverables like:

  1. Additional link-building activities
  2. Additional quarterly copywriting or copy adjustments
  3. Competitor analysis report
  4. Duplicate content analysis report
  5. Weekly updates on ranking for specific keywords

Our small business SEO services can be custom-tailored to match your unique needs. Simply contact us to explain your needs or goals, and we’ll work with you to create a package that suits you and offers all the features you desire.



           What to expect from our SMB SEO Services


At VTNS Solutions, we offer SMB SEO services that help you grow your business online. Here’s a closer look at some of the features our SMB SEO packages include:

Website SEO audit

Before diving in and making changes to your website for SEO, it’s essential to see where your website currently stands and what’s working. With an SEO audit, you’ll get the complete picture of your current search engine performance.

Our SEO services for SMBs include an SEO audit. We’ll take a deep dive into your business’s current SEO efforts and uncover what’s working and what needs improvement.

Keyword optimization

If you want people to find your business in search results, you need to optimize and show up for relevant keywords.  Keywords trigger your listings to appear in industry-related searches so that you can attract and drive qualified traffic for your business.

With SMB SEO services from VTNS Solutions, we’ll conduct keyword research to find the most relevant terms for your website. We’ll help you integrate relevant keywords into your pages and get your pages ranking in searches that drive traffic that turns into leads.

Content creation

Content creation is another critical component to helping your business rank in search results.Creating revelant content enables you to create ways for people to discover your business in search while accessing industry-related information they want. This strategy allows you to establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field.


At VTNS Solutions, we’ll help you craft conversion website copy that drives people to visit your website. We’ll ensure your content is informative and helpful, so you can keep people engaged as they read your content.

Title tag and meta description optimization

When users search online, the first two elements they see in search results are your onpage element such as title tag and meta description. These elements tell searchers what to expect when they click on your listing in the search results.


At VTNS Solutions, our small business SEO services include optimizing those two tags to help you generate clicks. We’ll integrate your target keyword and create compelling tags to entice people to choose your listing over the competition.

Internal link optimization

A critical part of SEO is getting Google to access, crawl and index your pages. Google can’t rank your pages in search results without knowing each page’s context to determine its relevancy. Internal linking can help Google discover new (and old) pages on your website and index them to rank in search results and we do this using our own internal linking modeling we built

At VTNS Solutions, we’ll help you optimize and add internal links to your pages, so Google can index more content from your site and help you drive additional traffic.

Competitor analysis

You’re not the only company vying for those spots when you’re trying to get the top spots in search results. Other SMBs are looking to rank for keywords like yours, so you need to know what your competition is doing by comprehensive competitor analysis.

With SMB SEO services from VTNS Solutions, we’ll conduct a competitor analysis for your business. We’ll help you see what your competition is doing and develop ways you can outperform your competition.



    Does SEO for Small Businesses Benefit My Company?


SEO for small businesses helps your company by making you visible in one of the most popular online channels: search. When you rank higher in search results for relevant keywords, you can bring more users to your website, which allows you to turn them into leads or clients.

When you invest in SEO, like through small business SEO services, you take advantage of SEO’s benefits. Plus, you gain a competitive edge over other small companies, as less than 10% of websites are optimized of small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) optimize their websites for SEO.

Still on the fence about investing in SEO services for your SMB? Here are three reasons you’ll want to start:


SMB SEO services help you drive more qualified traffic to your website

Every business has goals. Whether you’re looking to increase leads, earn sales, or drive revenue, you’re aiming to achieve something for your business. Before you can achieve those goals, though, you need to get people to discover your business and check out your website.

That’s where SMB SEO services can help. With a professional team of SEO experts working on your campaign, they can help you rank by understanding the SERP to drive more qualified traffic to your website. 


SMB SEO services help you increase brand awareness

Brand Awareness is a critical component for helping your business earn more leads and sales. People like to choose brands they trust and know when it comes time to decide. That’s why building brand awareness is so critical for helping you grow your business.

With SMB SEO services, you help your business rank in more relevant search results. Even if searchers don’t click on your listing, they’ll see your business appearing for terms they search. As a result, people will get familiar with your company and turn to you as an option during their decision-making process.


SMB SEO services help you earn more sales

When people are ready to make purchasing decisions, they’re often turning to search engines to help them find the right business or product. If your company ranks highly in those search results, people will likely choose your business when ready to convert.

Small business SEO services will help you reach people at critical points in the purchasing process so that you can earn more sales and revenue for your company.



  Small business SEO services: Working with  VTNS Solutions


Our small business SEO services are designed to fit the unique needs of each of our clients.


Some of the businesses we work with are looking for local exposure only, so we will develop a local SEO package that involves exposing their website to searchers only in their area. On the other hand, businesses that seek nationwide or even worldwide exposure will receive an SEO package designed to meet this need.

We start each of our SEO plans by asking the companies we work with questions about their small business. We ask about their goals, needs, the performance of their website, and the keywords they feel are most relevant to their business, products, or services.

From there, we’ll do some research to determine what the best approach will be to improve your website’s visibility in search for the keywords that make the most sense for your company. Then we’ll present our recommendations for implementation.

Depending on your needs, we may suggest new copy for your site that is optimized for the keywords most important to you, or building links to your website from high authority sites through the use of content like infographics or blog posts. Or, if your SEO is already rather good, we may create a monthly package for you that includes quarterly content creation and monitoring of your rankings.

Above all else, VTNS Solutions recognizes that small businesses are unique.

Every business requires something different for their SEO. That’s why our SEO packages for small businesses are customized to fit your unique needs, and made to fit your goals — not the other way around.



    Why Invest in SMB SEO services from VTNS Solutions


If you’re ready to invest in SEO for SMBs, look no further than VTNS Solutions. We specialize in SEO and provide you with everything you need to have a successful SEO strategy.

Here’s why you’ll want to partner with us:

We drive results for our clients

When you invest in SMB SEO services, your goal is to achieve your goals and drive result. You need a partner that has experience with helping companies grow through SEO.

At VTNS Solutions, we’re no strangers to helping companies drive incredible results. Our team of experts has helped our clients achieve the following in the past five years:

  • Increase first position ranking for website in different niches
  • Grew traffic by more than 50% month over month
  • Generated Leads

We know what it takes to drive results for our clients, so you can feel confident we’ll do the same for your SMB.

We’re flexible

Even when you outsource your marketing to SEO experts, you want some say in how your marketing looks. It’s still your business, so you want to have control over your involvement in the marketing process.

At VTNS Solutions, we provide you with the flexibility to choose your level of involvement. We adjust to meet your needs, whether you want to take a hands-on or hands-off approach.

We have an experienced team of marketers

SEO isn’t a once-and-done strategy — it requires continual optimization to help you drive the best results with your campaigns. That’s why you must choose a skilled team of experts that will continually optimize your SEO to keep driving results for your business.

At VTNS Solutions, we have an experienced team of SEO marketers that know how to craft results-driven campaigns. Our team of over 450 award-winning marketing experts has over 1.6 million hours of expertise, so you can feel confident you’re working with people who know SEO.

We give our clients one-on-one attention

Your business is unique, and you want a partner that understands that — you don’t want to be treated as just another number. When you invest in SEO for SMBs, you want to choose a partner that puts your company first.

At VTNS Solutions, we prioritize our clients. We take a client-first approach to marketing and create custom strategies tailored to your unique business.

Additionally, we provide you with a dedicated account manager to get individualized attention for your marketing. Whether you have questions about your strategy, concerns about something you’re seeing, or want to share an idea, you know exactly who to contact.

Your dedicated account manager will keep you informed of everything we do –– they’ll provide you with monthly reporting on your campaigns. With this reporting, your account manager will help you uncover actionable insights to improve your campaigns and drive better results.


We offer transparency

When you invest in SMB SEO services, you want to know what you’re getting and how much it costs. This task often presents challenges, though, because many companies don’t publish their packages online –– you must contact them and wait to hear back.

At VTNS Solutions, we make it easy for you to see if our small business SEO services fit your budget. We publish all our packages and prices online, making it easy to determine if we offer what you need.


Finally, VTNS Solutions is a full-service SEO marketing firm, and we offer services that go far beyond SEO. If you find yourself in need of compelling website design, additional content creation, or other digital marketing services, why go anywhere else? We can build a custom marketing plan that incorporates any future needs with your existing SEO services, making sure all of your digital marketing strategies work together seamlessly.



 Invest in SMB SEO services From A Top-Rated SEO Agency


When you invest in SEO for SMBs, you’re investing in the opportunity to boost your brand’s visibility, increase qualified traffic, and drive more revenue. If you’re looking for the right partner to help you with your SEO needs, look no further than VTNS Solutions.

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, we know how to craft SEO campaigns that help SMBs grow. 

Want to start driving more revenue for your SMB? Call us today at 08061659106 to speak with a strategist about SEO services for small businesses