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Our SEO Services is designed to grow your business with a data driven approach. We focus on the things that move the needle for you

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Keyword Research

We find all the right keyword for your website, then build a content strategy to drive growth throughout the customer journey

Onpage SEO

Title tag, meta descriptions? They still matter when approached from a data driven point of view. Rank every content and page

Technical SEO Strategy

Websites have technical SEO needs that Shopify can't fix. We know them and we can fix them to help Google crawl your site efficiently

Data Tracking and Analysis

Measure what matters. Then optimized for growth. Google Analytics 4 ( GA4) and Conversion Optimization

White Hat Links

Only the right links at the right moments. Get higher ranking with our strategic linkable asset guaranted to increase domain authority.

Help & Support

Need to review, discuss or just grab a coffee? When you sign up for one of our advanced SEO package, you get your own full dedicated account manager.

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We help businesses grow their e-commerce websites by providing an SEO strategy that drives increased ranking, traffic, higher conversion and more sales. Everything we do is to help you build your brand and capture qualified leads. Where to start is up to you.

Work with An Award Winning E-commerce SEO Company to Grow Your Online Store

If you e-commerce store is not getting the right kind of organic traffic and sales that you desire – then you definitely need our specialized SEO and Search Engine marketing services. Our SEO campaign will help you get the desired goal for your e-commerce business – more sales and brand awareness.

With clients across Africa and beyond, we have built the expertise and experience needs to provide a top notch e-commerce SEO service for our clients and partners.

At VTNS Solutions, we realize and know that every business and e-commerce store is unique, which is why our data driven approach focus on technical SEO, Onpage SEO, Content Strategy and a white-hat link building strategy tailored to meet your specific need.

               Custom E-commerce SEO Services


Unlike other SEO companies that are out there, when it comes to e-commerce SEO, we know the levers to pull to help you grow your business. We are more than your regular SEO service company for e-commerce website. Apart from a custom package, we have learned the growth mindset that can be applied to any e-commerce website to help them attract traffic, increase your AOV and get more repeat purchase (frequency of purchase).  

Our hand crafted methodology includes technical SEO, on-page SEO and high quality link acquisition – that will help your website rise to the top of search engine result page for your buying keywords.

But because we know that getting to the top of Google is not the end goal for businesses, we work with your team to help you drive more conversion, identify bottlenecks in your funnel and using data, improve the three core lever of growth for e-commerce website.

Over the years, we have perfected our e-commerce experience and we continue to work with clients who are able to look at the big picture and who wants to build a brand that can stand the test of time

       Proven E-commerce SEO Process That Works

1. Technical SEO

One of the nuisance of e-commerce website is the fact that successful e-commerce website usually have thousands and in some cases millions of pages and that is where a good technical SEO comes in.

Google needs to learn how to discover your most important pages and they need to do so fast. Your customers also needs to find your pages. Achieving a structure that enables Google to find your web pages while still giving users a good experience is one of the fundamentals of a good e-commerce website.

Our technical SEO will focus on helping your build a site structure that will help Google and your customers have a good.

This process is then on-going, as we continually monitor the health of your website profile and fix any technical issues that can prevent Google from indexing and crawling your website before it becomes a major challenge which can tank the ranking and traffic of your website

 2. Onpage SEO & Content Auditing

Secondly, we perform a site wide technical audit of your on-page SEO and content – identifying problem areas that need to be worked on immediately and discovering content gaps that need to be addressed.

Based on professional keyword research, we then start to audit each and every page of your e-commerce site by hand, optimizing meta tags, URL structure, images and on-page content so the page can begin ranking for multiple instances of headline and long tail buying keywords.

This on-going auditing process also involves us putting together a workflow of action items that we will continue to work on from month to month – helping your site pick up momentum in the search engines as we manually craft each page of your site for better rankings and traffic.

We always begin with your key site landing pages and collection pages, and then work our way through your top selling products and perennial bestsellers so you continually increase targeted buyers and conversions.

Content as we know is king. Using our proven Content Strategy, we will create relevant content for your website on a monthly basis that is useful for both your customers and can help you earn the right kind of backlinks you need to grow your website authority.


3. Identifying SEO & Conversion Growth Areas

Thirdly, we also use our enterprise level software solutions and years of SEO expertise to identify potential growth areas on your site. The result of this work usually means adding new collections pages focused on profitable new keyword sets.

But dependent on your budget it can also result in the creation of informational content for top of funnel website visitors – such as authority ‘power posts’ for your blog, educational content for your online learning centre or customer case studies to build trust and authority; whilst still driving enhanced results in search.

As part of our continuing service, we also monitor your site with heatmap and visitor recording software to identify any conversion issues that can be resolved to increase sales. This may mean we recommend making coding or design changes to your site, which our developers can help with if you don’t have the in-house resources.

We can also setup call-tracking software if required, to monitor phone conversion from multiple sources – and can also assist you in maximizing your returns from the Google Shopping platform if your budget allows; an area our specialists excel in.

Lastly, if your business targets a specific local area or region, our team can optimise your site and Google My Business page to attract maximum buying traffic from targeted local visitors.

 4. White hat E-commerce Backlink Building

Fourthly, we move onto another essential element in the SEO mix – high quality backlink building.

As you are aware, the quality and quantity of backlinks your website has, the higher it chances of ranking for the target keywords. Unfortunately, not all backlinks are created equally. This is where our link building strategy comes in. Using a combination of techniques, we will create linkable assest on your website that will help you continually get backlinks on a monthly to month basis.

While there are tons of backlink strategy that we will use, we always focus on quality or quantity. All our link building tactics are purely white hat techniques which means that no matter the changes in Google algorithm, you can be rest assured that your backlink profile is clean at all times. But with e-commerce websites, while external backlinks are important, we also focus on leverage internal links on your website. This comes from our creation of a good site structure for your website.


5. Monthly Reporting

Finally, at the end of each month you’ll receive an easy to understand report of the SEO audit items we’ve completed, the backlinks we’ve placed and the results of this work on your rankings, traffic and earnings.

When you work with our team you’ll also be assigned an account manager who you can contact by email at any time during the working week – and at the end of every month we schedule a Skype call together for an informal half hour chat about your monthly results and the work items to be completed in future.