How Do Ecommerce Products Do SEO

how to do seo for product pages

Product page are one of the most important pages when it comes to ecommerce website.

Your product page are likely to be the pages where people convert the most. What this means is that your product page are likely to directly impact revenue.

Luckily, ecommerce product page are usually templated, which means you probably don’t need to edit each individual product page one by one.

You can simply set some parameter during build (if you are using a custom website). However if you are using any of the popular CMS such as Shopify, magneto and WordPress, some of the parameters are already set

PS: Depending on your theme, you may find out that some of the following things are missing. This is why it is important for you to understand the basis of SEO for product page. Get help with our customized ecommerce SEO Services today.

How then should you do SEO for your ecommerce product page?

In this guide, we will talk about

  • Product page Keyword Research
  • Product page Title Tag
  • Product pages Meta Description
  • Product page URL
  • Product page H1 tag
  • Product page Images
  • Product page Content

Simple diagram of a product page in ( using google merchanisze store)

Keyword Research for Ecommerce Product Page

Product page is going to be your main transactional page. These pages are where the money exchange takes place.

Even though most product pages might not have huge search volume, it is probably the most important page on the site.

Therefore it is important to ensure that you are targeting the right keyword on each page. Doing keyword research for product page is going to follow the same process as doing keyword research for other pages on your website.

The only difference is the fact that your product page keyword is most likely going to be the product name.

However you want to be sure that you understand how exactly people are searching for those phrases.

Step by step to doing ecommerce product page keyword research

1: Open your favourite keyword research tool

2: enter your keyword eg dog pool

3: Review the keywords

4: Ensure that the keyword you are picking accurate describes the page

5: Ensure that pages ranking for those keyword are mainly product page or ecommerce pages and not informational articles.

Product Page Title Tag Optimization

Once you have your keyword phrase and you have selected it, it is now time to optimize your product page title.

The title tag is probably the most important element with the biggest weight when it comes to search engine ranking.

It is therefore important to ensure that you are following best practice when writing your product page title tag.

Recently we started working with an ecommerce website who product page title tag was incorporated with the brand name.

This was an example of the title tag taken from a product page

Insert sample.

Here are some best practices when writing your product page title tag:

  • Lead with the target keyword
  • Ensure that the title tag is less than 60 characters. Sometimes this is not possible due to the product name. As long as the most important keyword phrase is near to the beginning, you should be fine
  • Avoid unnecessary character in the title tag

Product Pages Meta Description

Product page Meta description sis were you are able to sell the product core value proposition. The Meta description does not influence SEO ranking but it can lead to more click through rate.

The more clicks you can get for your pages, the higher Google rewards you. This is why it is good to take time to write a good Meta description.

Product Page URL

Another important ecommerce product page on page optimization factor is the URL parameter.
URL stands for Uniform Relative Locator. While it is pretty common for product page URL to inherit the product name, you want to make sure that you remove unnecessary characters from the URL.

SEO Rules for Product Page URLS

  • Ensure the URL is clean
  • Ensure URL are as short as possible
  • Avoid special characters in the URL

Product Page H1 Tag

Apart from the title tag, the next most important on page SEO element for your product page is the H1 tag popularly called Header Tag 1.

Header tags are crucial as they signal Google what the page is all about. The H1 tag on your product page should match the title tag.
While it does not have to be an exact replica, it should still contain the keyword.
In some cases, I have seen website use the brand name as part of their H1 tag. This is unnecessary as it dilute the SEO impact on the page.

Think of your H1 as additional description for your page.

Product Page Images Optimization

A whole lot can be said about the product page image both from an SEO point of view, CRO and user centric point of view.

In this article, we will limit ourselves to the SEO impact and best practice for product pages.

  • Ensure that all images are the right size
  • Ensure that at least one image has the product name ( which coincidentally will also be the keyword for the page)
  • Ensure that images are of the right dimension
  • Do not forget to use your alt tag.

Product Page Content

I am sure you must have heard the phrase content is king. Yes that is true but content is king if only it serves the user.

Because most ecommerce website have tons of product pages going to millions in some case, it is important that content on the product page needs to be scalable.

This is why user review and primary content element are important. One secret and easy way to get around this is to continually check your analytics for product pages that are page two of Google. If you are able to improve the content on those pages, then you can see improvement in the ranking.

For niche ecommerce website or B2B ecommerce website, without millions of pages, taking time to write adequate product page description is important.

Remember B2B sales cycles are different and involves much more than just immediate need or passion buying.


Most ecommerce product pages are template. This make it easily to scale the on page SEO factors that matters most.  For every product page on your ecommerce website, remember to write a unique title tag and H1 tag.

Those two element are by far the most important when it comes to product page SEO.

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