Convert your WordPress Site to HTML

Convert your WordPress site to HTML with best-supporting tools

WordPress is the world’s most popular content management program. Because it is lightweight to work on that network, many people like a forum, a simple website, e-commerce or classified websites choose WordPress to their specifications. When you choose WordPress hosting for your domain, WordPress will get streamlined.

Nonetheless, sometimes you’d like to turn to your website’s default HTML format. This can be because of many causes, like sluggish websites, health, etc. It isn’t that easy to convert your website to HTML from WordPress but Time and persistence are all required for it to work.

WordPress VS Static HTML

Your web site should appear like HTML in the front end, whether it is designed into WordPress or XML. It means that your website code looks like this irrespective of how you build your website:

How they come into existence is a major difference. A creator builds a kit and then places it on the internet on a static HTML website. The website will be always like that once it is completed. The history does not require any further phase when the platform is up and running.

Nevertheless, a content management framework incorporating PHP and a database is used in WordPress. It ensures that when someone uses the page, the procedure is as follows:

  • The HTML edition of your website will be used to execute the PHP application.
  • The contents of the HTML are presented by a question in your browser.
  • Once this phase has completed, the Web browser will view your WordPress blog.

Why there is Need for Converting WordPress Site to HTML?

A regular explanation of why the WordPress site is transformed into HTML is load level. With the help of WordPress developer in the UK, WordPress web pages can be made interactive and can load the website automatically at any time the web page is accessed. This will affect the speed of the webpage. But it’s not the same since there’s no interactive material for the HTML platform. This increases the speed and strength of the website.

Safety can be another concern. No network intruder will bypass or compromise the website with static data storage. However, a non-dynamic website does not maintain any repositories in order to store the information and thus has quick web pages.

WordPress to HTML conversion tools

As you now come to the office, you need to know with the help of which tool your WordPress websites can be converted to static HTML sites. Indeed, it is accurate that it is difficult to convert WordPress to HTML. Nevertheless, other WordPress plugins facilitate the process. Also, you can hire dedicated WordPress developers for the conversion of WordPress sites to HTML:

Here, we have enlisted some tools to convert your WordPress site to HTML:

1. Jekyll:

This is a GitHub-supported static website generation method. Jekyll is primarily used for migration to static pages of small project or journal. It’s commonly called a basic, static website generator, a blog-conscious one. The schema that includes text files in any format, Jekyll selects the folders. Then it transforms and creates static HTML pages.


  • A Jekyll website is a single directory collection of files. Since GitHub sites are tightly associated with Jekyll, the entire website can be housed in a Git repository.
  • Jekyll is a huge community, so there are many programming manuals and documents for it. You can easily import material and translate it into HTML from WordPress.

2. Simply Static:

LLC Simply Static is a static position generator developed by the Code of Conduct and an open-source extension. The main objective of this plugin is to build the WordPress platform with a static website. This allows HTML copies of your WordPress pages and removes the WordPress configuration separate from the static platform as an individual entity.


  • The Style sheets, JS and pictures are purely statics.
  • This method is one of the easiest ways to use a single click to transform your WP site into a static one.
  • WordPress URLs are substituted by conditional URLs, utter URLs or offline URLs immediately.

3. Pelican:

Pelican platform allows you to restructured Text, Markdown, or AsciiDoc material and to translate it to HTML. You can also download RSS feeds or WordPress from Dot clear. It also has built-in tools for generating sitemap info.


  • The can may be published in several languages.
  • This approach encourages the development of topics for Jinja templates.
  • Many applications, such as Atom, RSS update, social media incorporation, and software, such as Google Analytics, tool- and application syntax analysis are supported.

4. WP Static HTML Output:

WP static is a simple but strong tool to transform the WordPress platform to static HTML. You may export infinite goals to your specific website with this tool. WP static is an open-source plugin that generates your complete site HTML file.


  • The local folder FTP, Amazon S3, Dropbox and GitHub can upload the website.
  • Two languages (English and Japanese) are supported.


With the support of some tools, it’s now time for you to move your website from WordPress to static HTML with the best WordPress Developers. But are you puzzled about which option to choose from with these many tools available? Let me suggest that this choice depends entirely on which tool you consider it convenient to use.

This is, in terms of effort and budgetary expenditure, probably the easiest and most fair path to go. You use a ready-made WordPress theme instead of using the own website as a jump-off stage. Then you only change the style to appear like your old website.

After all, the main aim of converting from WordPress to HTML is to prevent any possible attacks on your site and improve your website’s pace.

Author Bio:

Anshul Sharma is CEO of Fluper which has the best team of WordPress Developer in the UK. He carries similar curiosity for both; the technical world and automobile industry. He keeps himself indulged in discovering new things and with passion and the vast information attained by him has helped the company to grow at a faster speed.

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