Interview with Brain Dean – Link Building expert

Wondering what is wrong with your SEO or not sure if you are getting it right? SEO changes a lot and SEO techniques changes more rapidly than you can blink.
So we decided to get the best strategy and the best information from someone who knows best . Brain Dean of backlinko agreed to chat with us in this written interview. Get his insider trick on link building and SEO.

1. With content marketing, personalized local searches, do you agree with those who think SEO is dead.

I don’t agree that SEO is dead. The industry — like any — is changing at a rapid rate. And content, social signals and other changes are rapidly altering the SEO landscape.

Yes, the old ways of SEO (article directories, press releases, keyword stuffing etc.) are most definitely dead. But there are still several strategies that still work really well.

2. Of all the Google ranking factors, which do you consider most important

The most important is how authoritative your page is. This was the critical ranking factor that first appeared in the original PageRank algorithm.

Even though Google has made hundreds of thousands of changes, that’s still the most important factor.

And that authority is measured pretty much the same way it was in 1998: by the links pointing to a particular page.

3. What advice would you give a business owner in a country like Nigeria where most websites are not optimized and only 60 percent of businesses have a website?

Well obviously, in order to succeed in SEO, you need to at least own a website. But considering the SEO landscape in Nigeria isn’t as competitive, that means that business owners don’t need to become SEO experts to rank. That’s a huge opportunity.

I recommend that the business owners that do own websites learn the basics of SEO. Here’s a fantastic resource to get started:

4. If you were to start running a blog today, what would you do differently from scratch.

Honestly, I would start it off the same way I did with Backlinko: launch with 3 pieces of awesome content and publish only great stuff after that.

A mistake I made a few years ago was to try and publish 2-3 times per week, thinking that was the secret to traffic and Google love. I learned over time that it’s all about publishing quality content rather than focusing on quantity.

5. What link building tip would you like to share that you have not shared before.

Good question. The original tip I’d share is that you can always change your content after you get your links. So don’t be afraid to launch a site or piece of content without any monetization, do the outreach to get your links, and then add the monetization later.

6. Of the link building method, which do you think is most effective?

Definitely email outreach. If you have a great site — and you get it in front of people that own website in your niche with email outreach — you can build quality links all day long.

7. What advice would you give SEO experts in a post penguin era.

My advice would be to focus on getting quality links instead of trying to get thousands of low-quality links. Google has really switched gears and now puts the emphasis on the quality of your link profile.

And I expect that to become more important as time goes on. Yes, quantity still matters. But if you can get a handful of awesome links, your competitors won’t stand a chance.

8. How three major things can a website do that will guide it against Google penalty.

1. Diversify their anchor text

2. Make sure they get links from thematically related sites

3. Avoid any sort of automated link building (mass blog commenting, web directory submissions etc.)

9. What advise do you have for budding business looking to increase its online presence?

The first thing I’d recommend is that they publish content that fills a need in their industry. That’s by far the fastest and most effective way to get exposure for their site.

Once they publish it, they need to work hard to get their content in front of people. And that’s why I recommended email outreach earlier in the interview: it works really well.
I hope you have learnt a lot about the SEO trade from this interview. You can learn more about Brain by visiting his blog or follow him on twitter.


Thank you Brain fro taking time to talk with us and share your knowledge.

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