Proven Strategy To Starting a Successful Business Blog

business blogging

Do you want more customers?

Have you been penalised by Google or afraid of getting your website penalised?

Do you want huge traffic to your website but not really sure how to go about it?

Would you want to reduce the amount of money you spend on paid advertisements?

Then you need a business blog. In doubt? Ask Hubspot who get 70%  it’s webtraffic  from blog posts alone.


A web log or a blog for short is a discussion or informational site published in the internet and consisting of entries in a chronological manner. Therefore you can use your company blog to educate and entertain your customers on issues happening with your company, industry and related industry.


Having a business blog gives you the following competitive edge:


1. Brings new content to your website on a regularly basis: 

Content is king and Google loves content. People look for information online using any of the available search engines.  Since Google is a search engine, for it to remain relevant, Google needs fresh content that people will feed on. If your business can generate quality content, search engines will reward you by ranking your website better than other website without quality contents.


2. Promote your business:

Blogging gives you a great chance to spend less on paid advertisement. Inbound Marketing involves creating useful contents that user of your product and services can find useful. When your content is being discovered on any platform, you get free awareness for your brand. This means increased in web traffic, brand authority and a chance to convert and nurture this traffic into leads. Being able to increase your leads means more opportunity to sell your services and products to these leads.


3.Avoid Present and Future Google Penalties

Google wants better results in its search engines and therefore they go the whole way to find a means to present these results. This has resulted in a lot of updates like the penguin, panda and recently the Hummingbird updates. A company blog safeguard your website against he negative effects of these updates. Since you are producing relevant quality content within the guidelines, your chance of being affected by any update reduces.


4. Links, Links and More Links:

For you to have first page ranking for any of your keyword, you need relevant, quality links. Having a business blog enables you to attract links to some of your contents.  These links will counts in your overall backlink profile. Most of these links will be editorial and since editorial links are links that Google campaign is all about, you have a higher chance of getting it when you engage in content generation. With more editorial links, you have a higher chance of outranking your competitors.


What Blogging Platforms Should You Use?

Now that you know the advantages of having a business blog, you might start wondering how to get started. The first consideration you are going to think of is where to host your blog. You can choose to have your blog installed on your domain as a subfolder or as a sub-domain. Another option is to use a third party blogging host like WordPress or Blogger. If you are considering starting a business blog, then you need to have your blog located on your own domain. Apart from the added advantages that have been listed above, you also get a lot of control over the look and feel of your website.


When you have your blog hosted on your own domain, you have a blog that boast of a unique look and not one that looks like everyone else blog.  If you want people to take you serously, you need to set up your blog either as a sub-domain or as sub-folder on your own hosting platform.


Once you have decided to how you want to set up your blog, you can install the WordPress blogging platform. WordPress is known for it’s flexibly, security and huge community support. How well it works for you is based on your understanding and resources available at your disposal. With both free theme and paid theme available, you have a huge chance of being successful with your blogging when using WordPress than any other blogging platform. If you need help registering and setting up your domain, you can visit multistrategy to get started.


Things you need to do after installing your blog:


Once you get your blog up and running, you need a strategy to be able to enjoy the full benefit of having a business blog.

You need a strategy for:


A. Writing your blog post:


One major failure point with blogs on company websites are blogs that have been neglected. Sometimes this is due to the fallacy that if you have a blog you must update it on a daily basis. This has put a lot of strain on resources and once a business cannot cope, the blog is totally neglected. Today, a lot of this fallacy has been known to be false. Establishing a writing strategy for your blog post is one way that you can employ to make your blog updated.  You can decide to have a publishing schedule of once a week, once a month or even daily. It all depends on the amount of available resources at your disposal.

One caveat rule is to make sure that the content you produce is of high quality so that you can build a reputation for your brand. Once you have gotten the ideas for your blog post, you can use this writing rule called the 70-20-10 rule for your writing strategy.

The rule stipulates that:

70% of the time, your writing should educate and entertain your customers on happening in the industry, how to use your products, services and challenges they might be facing using your products and services and how to overcome some of these obstacles.


20% of the time, you should be writing on promoting complementary services to your industry and what you do. You could write on tools for your trade or invite people in related industry to write on your blog.

10% of the time: You should actually write to sell your products and services.


A1. How To Write A Blog Post:


Writing does not seems to come naturally to everyone and since your blog is a reflection of what your brand and business is, you should not spend too much time worrying about how to write a blog post. Simple rules apply which if you follow, you get full value for your blog. Some of these blogging tips are:


  1. Write well constructed simple blog post.
  2. Pay attentions to headlines.
  3. Write good introductory paragraphs and supports your content all the way down to the summary.
  4. Summary your blog post with a Call To Action (CTA)
  5. Pause, read, re-read before publishing.
  6. Publish.

Need more tips from expert, check out these resource from buffer.


B. A strategy for getting your blog post found

Optimizing your blog post enables search engines to be able to read your posts. While you might write all you want, your contents will not be discovered unless you develop a strategy for promoting your contents. One way to do this is to make it search engine friendly by making sure that all your blog post are fully optimized. Technical SEO for your post can be achieve if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform. All you need do is to install an SEO plugin. There are numerous WordPress SEO plugins but you are better of using either the Yoast or the All in One SEO plugin. I have used both and noticed that the Yoast SEO plugin does not work with all WordPress theme so you might want to try the All in One SEO Plugin. Once you have optimised your blog post to make it discoverable by search engines, you need to promote it across the social media platform where your audience can be found.


C. A Backup Strategy

I come from a database background where backing up your information is crucial to mitigating against disaster which could be accidental or a deliberate effort targeted against you.  Therefore I will recommend that you have a strategy for backing up your blog if your whole website is not based on WordPress. One thing you don’t want to happen to you is to wake up one day and find out that your server has crashed or that your website has been compromised. You need a backup of all your contents so putting a backup strategy in place and making it a culture is crucial to your business blog success. Various WordPress backup plugin exists but I happen to like having control over my files so I already have an agreement in place with my host to backup all my contents. This way, I can focus on other things. If you do not have too much trust in your host or you need additional backup strategy ,use a WordPress plugin to backup your blog.


D.How to Secure your blog

In addition to having your backup strategy, you also need a security strategy. WordPress site are easy prey for hackers and competitors who might be envying you. Therefore you need to secure your website against such possible intrusion. One way to start is to host your website with a reputable hosting company and then take this step further by having a SSL installed on your website.  Once you are able to do this, ensure that you update all your blogging software and any plugin installed regularly. A suggested plugin for securing your website against hackers is to use the WordFence plugin.



Starting a business blog should not be difficult. With this complete beginner’s guide, you can start building a blog that will build your brand and drive traffic to your website.


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