How Long Will It Take to See Results From Search Engine Optimization?


I want to sign an SEO Contract with you but I want to know how long I need to wait before my website is listed on the first page of Google as a measure of the result of your Search Engine Optimization?

Is it possible to pay Google so that they place my website on their first page? My boss needs to see that this SEO thing is working?

We need to sell more of our products so how soon can I get my website to the first position of Google since I heard my sales will increase if my website is listed?

When do I really start seeing my SEO result so I can move on to other things?

These question phrased in different ways is perhaps the most important questions businesses wants answers to and by which they measure SEO results.

While they are valid questions, it is important to know that improving your website ranking will not make people buy your products or services more. SEO is part of a digital marketing puzzle and it’s core function is to make your website rankable so that Google places your website on the appropriate pages of it’s SERP

And in reality, the optimization of a website is never really done. There are always new competitors to beat, new techniques to implement and more traffic to attract.

Search Engine Optimization is therefore about making your website discoverable so people can see it when they search online for related keyword you are trying to rank for. When this is done, you start attracting visitors who can be converted into paying customers.

But to get this client, you need to attract them first. This is where SEO plays a great part.

So you are ready to attract new clients and make them a paying customer? You are ready to optimize your website?

How Long Before You Start Seeing SEO Results ?

Here are certain key questions that can give you an idea of how long it might.

  1.  How long since your website been launched?

    Most clients who usually ask us when they will immediately start seeing results are people who just launched a new website. They know the importance of search and once they launch their site, they want to see their website on the first page. Immediately they don’t, they start looking for an SEO expert to help them get their site right there, right now.

    Unfortunately, it does not work like that and if your domain is new, you might even have to wait a longer time than if your website has been established. Due to the much explained sandbox effect, new domain take a minimum of 4 months before it start to attain any significant position on Google but you can speed this process up when you made SEO a part the design process.

  2. Has any SEO been done in the past?

    Now this is a tricky one. If standard practice or what is known as white-hat techniques was used in optimizing your website, then you might really be expecting just some improvement to push your website further and probably get you your desired result.

    But if whosoever did your SEO in the past used any black-hat techniques, then you might be in for a long run. This is because your website might need to be cleaned first. If the damage is not too much, it might be easy to savage it. If the damage is a lot and your website is far gone, then you might better off be starting afresh.

  3. What are your competitors doing?

    One important factor that can determine how long it will takes to get your website get to the first page that is often overlooked is how strong your competitors are. The SERP that you are targeting already contain some list of website that populates it. How easy it is to get your website among them will depend a lot on how good they are at what they do.

    Most times a lot of your competitors having attained their desired position start focusing on other issues while leaving their website to chance. Sometimes life and chance happens to others. Some go out of business; others go bankrupt and majority simply get tired. Yet these same guys are the one you want to compete with initially. This is why a competitive analysis is always a significant factor when ranking a website. As you watch your competitors, you start gaining comparative advantage that you can put to good use.

  4. How much resources are you willingly to commit?

    Man- power resources are a key component of how successfully and fast you see the result of your SEO. I have seen situations where simple changes keyword implementation has taken over 2 weeks due to bureaucracy and I have been in a situation where over 132 pages of an ecommerce website were done in less than 3 days.Therefore how fast and how committed you are to allocating the needed resources for your SEO can make a huge significant difference in the time factor taken for you to see result.

    Do you have an in-house expert who can make changes to a website fast or do you need to outsource your changes? Are you good at making videos or graphics? The amount of arsenal you deploy can go a long way in making huge difference to how fast you get to your destination.

  5. How much are you willing to pay?

    This is one aspect where a lot of factors makes pricing variable. How much should you pay for your SEO service? While I don’t believe that there is a fix all price for every SEO campaign, the amount you pay will depend on the experience of your SEO agency, state of your website, the amount of resources you have and some factors that might really just be beyond SEO.

    How much you pay can be determine if you sit down with your SEO agency to carry out a SWOT analysis of your campaign. In the end, it will all bore down to understanding how Search works and what you need to do to make it work for you.

Ok. I get it! How long does it take before I start seeing the result of my SEO? Right away. Almost immediately.

How long will it take to get my website to the first position on Google? Really No one can tell.

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Adegboye Adeniyi is a Search Marketing Expert, but with emphasis on on Link Building. He creates and implements campaigns for clients from various industries,endlessly discovering new prospects and strategies for Link Building. Outside of the Internet realm, his other passions include reading and playing chess.