13 Tips To Get Your Blog Noticed

13 tips to get your blog noticed

Do you feel like giving up on your blog?

Do you feel no one is reading your blog?

Do you want more traffic to your blog?

If you want to make money using your blog or become an authority in your niche, you need to get your blog in front of the people that matters- your readers and influencers.

With over 42.6 million new blog posts every month,getting exposure for your blog can be a daunting and confusing task.

But not to worry, there are little steps you can take today that will give your blog more exposure.

13 Tips to get your blog noticed.

  • Write well and better:
  • The key to a blog people want to read is a blog post that is well-written and free of grammatical errors. Being able to write well is an art and there is no rocket science behind it. It has being proven that the more you write, the better you get at it.

    How do you get good at writing?
    Start by researching your topic very well while taking notes and then start writing. Once you are done,take a break. Come back to read what you have written. Now sleep on it and then proof read again and again until you are sure you are satisfied with your piece. Now remember not to jam your content together,include line spacing and make it easy for people to read your content.

  • Great good headline:
  • Great headline are key to attracting to people to click through to your blog.
    A lot of people will come into contact with your headline first, therefore knowing how to write good headline that get clicked is important to the success of your blog.

    You can use this guide to start learning how to write headlines that will drive people to your blog

  • Link to others but carefully:
  • Find an article that gives legitimacy to your claims and link to them. Links are a great way to tell people the source of an information or a recommendation that you find a particular piece a further reading on a subject.
    In a post-penguin era, you want to make sure that you can vouch for the people you linking to. This means not linking for linking sake.

    So don’t be afraid to link but link carefully.

  • Wait a little before you push the publish button:
  • Forget the race to publish every day except if your blog depends on news or other time bound information.
    You might have heard over and over again that the more you publish, the more traffic you have. Unfortunately, this does not hold true for every niche. Study your niche, study the styles, then go do something better.

    It is better to publish great piece one a month than run to publish mediocrity piece everyday. Content attracts but great content drives subscriptions and leads.

  • Include Statistics:
  • For you to be seen as a leader or go to for information, you either have to be the source of information or know where to get it.

    Always support claims in your post with variable statistics and if you are not the source, quote it and link to it.

  • Keywords are important:
  • The commonest mistake most bloggers make is to neglect optimising their post for search engines.
    Search engine is one the ways that people will find your blog and when people can’t find your post, they won’t know what great effort you put into your blog.

    At minimum include your keyword in your headlines, H1, Image tag and make sure it is repeated at least once in your body content.

  • Submit your post to relevant groups:
  • Be part of linkedin’s group or Google+ communities can be a great way to promote your post and blog but posting the same article in all the groups you belong to may not be an advantage and you might start being seen as a spammer.

    Your post should be segmented based on what your group is about. That way, you will get relevant content in front of the people who will read it.

  • Share on social media:
  • Share your post on the relevant social media while paying attention to how to make use of each of them for content marketing purpose.

    It might actually be a good idea to install social share buttons on your blog and promote your post from there. Don’t just install any share button. Install share buttons that allows you customise your post title etc. Rememeber that all social platforms are not the same.Twitter is for short,witty message. Graphic rules on Facebook and Google plus.Rule for using social media? Check out this social media tips for facebook.

  • Submit to Directories:
  • Directories submission may not be a current fad but legitimate directories still exist and you should get your site on as many as possible.
    Take for example, the much trotted DMOZ, Yahoo directory and BOTW. If directories are dead why do people still recommend that you get your site into the afore mentioned?

    It is because they still work. So make sure you submit to the right directory and use the appropriate category.

  • Use paid option:
  • You have written a great piece but no one seems to be seeing it. If you want results so badly and you don’t want to wait for organic traffic, you can use paid promotion to boost your traffic.

    Paid options on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and even on platforms like blog enage can give your blog the necessary traction it needs.

  • Link bait :
  • Link bait works but you have to do it right. Link bait is when get the attention of an influencer by quoting them or using their work in your material and then telling them about it.

    If you have done your home work right, they certainly will share your post and might even link to it.
    Another example of link baiting is when you do an expert roundup or interview a prominent leader in your field.

  • Don’t be shy to ask:
  • Got a friend who runs a blog? Know someone who has a large follower? Don’t be shy to ask them to promote your post to their audience as long as you are in a related industry.

    I once had an opportunity to earn a link from a webmaster who I had assisted in getting something done in the past.Webmasters are good people but they don’t want to just give their vote to a post or blog for no reason.
    Make it worth their time, then ask politely.

  • Guest post :
  • You might be scared after reading Matt Cutt post on guest blogging. Guest posting on a massive scale when it doesn’t add value to the conversation is what has died and not being featured on authoritative blogs.
    Look for great publication that are related to your audience or where your audience can be found and become a regular contributor there.

    The value of guest blogging is to increase your reach and add value to the community not for link building.
    So don’t be afraid to guest post or allow people to guest blog on your website.


There you have it. Simple tips that change your blog’s exposure.What other tips do you use to drive exposure to your blog?

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Adegboye Adeniyi is a Search Marketing Expert, but with emphasis on on Link Building. He creates and implements campaigns for clients from various industries,endlessly discovering new prospects and strategies for Link Building. Outside of the Internet realm, his other passions include reading and playing chess.